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Our founder, Helen Brown, was just recognized in the news for her service to the community and efforts through No More Tears. 


"...Human trafficking is one of the greatest human rights challenges of our century, not only in the United States, but in the world.

A woman in Mississippi named Helen Brown decided to do something to help change this. She had a vision and a dream to help others and better Mississippi. She said she dreamed of an organization that would not only bring awareness, but also provide tools that would help survivors of Human Trafficking, Sexual Assault, and Domestic Violence to heal.

Helen decided to start an organization called “No More Tears”. She founded this nonprofit, based in Mississippi, in 2017. The nonprofit is comprised of 100% volunteer labor and is funded from corporate donations and private fundraising events...."

-Dark Horse Press, Mississippi Crime & Community News


Click on the article image to read the full article.



During times of natural disaster, shortages and community crisis, victims of sex trafficking, domestic violence and abuse are vulnerable.  Often they are violated and assaulted more during these times.  We value coming together with our community to do what we can to provided needed resources and come face to face with potential victims to give hope and support.


No More Tears worked with several other organizations and businesses to feed the neighborhood that flooded in Jackson, MS . Local businesses donated water for the residents of city of Jackson, MS due to the recent water crisis.  Reach out to us on our Contact Page if you are a victim of trafficking or abuse for help.

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